KBS Word – Kênh KBS Hàn Quốc – Channel KBS Word Korean

KBS World is Korean Broadcasting System's international broadcasting service. It consists of KBS World Radio & the KBS World television channel.The foreign-language radio broadcast from KBS (before its restructure into a public broadcaster in March 1973) was started as "The Voice of miễn phí Koreavàquot; in 1953.

It officially became a part of KBS in July 1968. The station was renamed Radio Korea in March 1973, & then Radio Korea International in August 1994.
In July 2003, KBS World, an international television channel aimed at Koreans abroad, started broadcasting. In March 2005, Radio Korea International became KBS World Radio.

KBS World's ti vi programming is sourced from KBS's domestic television services. It mainly broadcast in Korean, but subtitles in English, Malay & Chinese are also provided.

Apart from the signals from Seoul, there are three separate services operated by KBS's subsidiaries tailored to specific markets: the Japanese version of KBS World, operated by KBS Japan, targets Japanese audiences, the Indonesian version of KBS World, operated by OKTN, targets Indonesian audiences, while the American version of KBS World, operated by KBS America, targets audiences in both North and South America.

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